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deep in the secrets of ladies-Play with scarves
Apr 14, 2018

Scarfs must be fashion items that are almost hand-woven by fashion masters. Not only can they be worn all year round, they can also master different styles of wear, and they can be turned into exquisite ladies in one second.

Modern scarves really formed in the 1920s. Clara Bow in It Girl and Daisy in Gatsboy both restored the classic styling of the 20's scarves. In the 1930s, when Hermes scarves went on sale, it was popular with people for its bold designs and unique designs.

To this day, the fashionable geisha of the fashion circle have excavated the different methods of scarves to the extreme, and the scarves are no longer limited to the neck. Whether it is as a hair band or Choker, or as a scarf or scarves, even on the wrists and bags, we can see the figure of a scarf.

[Scarf Headband: Arming to Start from the Scratch]


Ishihara Rimi in the Japanese drama "Proofreading the girl Yohei Etsuko" has a number of scarves as hairbands. Refreshing blue silk scarf into the tweezers to create a side twist style with a clean makeup, not only greatly enhance the degree of fashion, it also appears that the whole person is very jumping.

The silk material makes the texture of the scarf very smooth, and the cute print full of playfulness makes the scarf look less boring. The overall color scheme is elegant and elegant. The shades of blue and the red, yellow, and green hitting colors make the scarves look very energetic when used as hair bands.

[Scarf Choker: Elasticity on the neck]

The Choker looks more elegant and feminine than the traditional, thick or thin black Choker. When choosing a scarf that is tied around the neck, we can pick a small scarf.


Fashion blogger Natalie Suarez is also a depth scarf control. In her works of street photography, there is no shortage of silk scarf Choker's appearance, it is simply inseparable beauty. Whether it is with a lively floral skirt or a more commuting LOOK, the scarf on the neck has played a role in the icing on the cake.

The silk satin gives a silky texture to the surface of the scarf, and the light lustre of the scarf makes the scarf look fluorescent. Youthful hits create a sense of agelessness, and the prints are full of British style.

[Scarf Bracelet: Different styles between wrists] 


T-stage has always been a fashion vane. In the spring of 2017 Tommy Hilfiger's big show in Los Angeles, all models were tied with silk scarves for bracelets. Such clever rides not only show the slender and sexy style of women, but in the final part of the catwalk, all models raise their hands to imply the equal value between people.

Narrow scarves styles will be very convenient when making bracelets, a simple line can add a different style for the wrist green so that the scarf has a fresh feeling, pink flowers symbolize hope and happy, meaning is very good, the color is also Make people feel good.

[Scarf bag: it is as simple as breaking boring]


The scarf on the bag embellishes the bag on the hand and turns it into an eye-catching single-item, making it a tool for out-of-street sculpting. In Gucci's show field, blue, white, and red color scarves decorate a simple shape of a small package into a compelling match artifact, even gorgeous costumes can not cover it. 


In many street shoots, the scarf bag is also very eye-catching. In this street-shooting work, the photographer even took a special package for this single item. The red body and the color scarves make the overall shape look very elegant, without a sense of dullness, but also with the clothing.

The lines of the bucket bag look very comfortable and the capacity of the bag body is also very large. The blue contrast scarves are the highlight of this package. The texture scarves allow the pack to show a sense of luxury. The bright colors make the bag no longer appear monotonous, boring and magical.

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