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Early spring and elegant scarf more
Mar 29, 2018

Scarves in the early spring have the following method:

  1. shirt + scarves:    

    The sister who often sees street photography must have found out that they all like to use scarves and shirts to make your neck look more beautiful. No matter if your collar button is open or buckled, matching a scarf will make you The shape is rich.


  2. T-shirt + scarves:

    This time it feels like the weather is cold. A round neck sweater is definitely necessary, but the single wear is too monotonous, so you need a scarf to help you improve your style. There are two ways to wear, one is to wear scarves that are similar in color to the clothes, and the other is to choose bold colors to make your style more eye-catching


  3. dress + scarves:

    When a dresser likes to wear a dress this season, the first thing we think of is the necklace. However, this season you really need a scarf. Wearing a dress will make your look more elegant and feminine.


  4. High collar shirt + scarf:

    If you want a simple turtleneck to wear different flavors, then you can not make your neck without embellishment, it seems there is nothing new with a necklace, it is recommended that you attach a small scarf, free to hit the collar This knot is very new.


  5. Windbreaker + scarves:

    The scarf and the windbreaker are also very good partners, because the color of the windbreaker gives a very monotonous feeling, so we need a printed or colorful scarf to show the taste of your light mature girl, which is not too old.


  6. Jeans + scarves:

    When you are wearing jeans, you can't find a scarf that makes you satisfied. You can use a long scarf as a belt to make your overall LOOK fashionable. You can try this style boldly this season. The return rate is very high.


  7. Suit + scarves:

    A solid-colored suit and white shirt match together, feeling that this body does not have a bright spot, this time is not as good as a person wearing a printed silk scarf. The black suit can be bold when wearing scarves, you can choose bright silk scarf ~

    7.jpgSimple scarf can be used with so many single items, and more importantly, it can make your ordinary match look bright.

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