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Necktie washing method
Jul 29, 2017

Necktie washing method

Washing material

Such as dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high purity alcohol, or more than 120 colorless solvent gasoline.

Soak the silk tie for about ten minutes; use a smooth, small stick to touch the dirty parts of the tie, such as a tie, with an excessive area of stains, and rub it gently with your hands. Hang it up with a hanger when the water is clear. After solvent evaporation, if still tie above a large number of stains, use a soft brush dipped in water gently scrub.

Washing method

As the tie fabric and lining materials are different, washed water is very easy to wrinkle, but also easy to damage the surface of the necktie surface, you must not put the whole bar into the water washing, preferably dry cleaning. Tie knot place easily stained dirt, you can put it into a gasoline tank, hand rub, wash or scrub. Other places with dirt, with a cloth dipped in gasoline can be scrubbed.

Ironing method

No matter what kind of tie, don't use high temperature when ironing. Otherwise, the tie will become flat and flat, and the tie will fall naturally.

Ironing must first cover on the surface of a layer of cotton cloth, avoid direct contact with the iron tie cloth can be used as steam steam irons to handle large wrinkles, edge is more obvious at the crease and need ironing mode is preferred.

When pressed, with cardboard cut into tie shape or by using a piece of paper folded into tie shape, tie into the lining, and then gently pressed, to prevent the edge pressing too dead, also can be carried out ironing cloth, but should be used in low temperature, pressing speed and to avoid flooding yellow and "Aurora" phenomenon. If the tie with a slight crease, can be wound tightly in a clean bottle, disappeared the next day to wrinkles.

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