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Our custom silk scarf service
Feb 21, 2017

Common fabric we use to make scarf is quality Chinese silk, which almost includes each popular silk, such as 12mm or 16mm satin, 8mm chiffon/georgette, 14mm or 16mm twill, and 12mm crep de chine. Other fabrics also can be ordered depending on fabric availability in the printer company, for example, 100% wool or 100% cashmere
Silk Scarf Size
Considering common silk width, which have 45” and 55”, the most popular sizes are 38x38”, 36x36”, 70x20”, 60x13”. 53x53"
If you are interested in creating a custom size, we can accommodate your size.

Silk Scarf Finishing
Hand roll or machine hemming will be in your choice. The hemming quality is just as good as well-known brands you can see in the market. 

Touch feeling
There are some facts making our silk scarves extremely soft.
Fact 1: the silk fabric we choose is the best - we prefer to pay more to keep the quality
Fact 2: we use reactive ink not pigment like many western companies do. Comparing to the pigment, reactive ink has advantages as followings.
1) Brighter colors
2) Softer touch feeling
3) Stronger color fastness

4) More ink penetration on the fabric back

Washing & Caring
• Dry cleaning is recommended for silk scarves.
• If you want to wash your silk scarf by hand, please be sure to follow these instructions:
• Wash your silk scarf separately.
• Always use a special detergent meant for natural silk, or use Marseille soap.
• Wash quickly in a large quantity of water.
• Stretch the scarf to its original shape.
• Do not use a tumble dryer.
• Use steam ironing with two dots temperature on the scarf back before it is completely dry.