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Scarves and other accessories
Mar 14, 2018

Scarf is one of the most practical items in the early spring season. Some of them are made of silk jewelry. They are light and elegant and are suitable for the bride to wear. The colors are light and the style of printing is simple. The scarves and jewelry are not small. Conspicuous, so other jewelry should be simplified accordingly!


If you are a fashionable person at ordinary times, the bridal model also wants to learn from the streets, you may wish to learn that the influx of people use a scarf instead of a bracelet, soft silk relative to the metal material, can better highlight the gentleness and femininity of women, is very suitable for a relaxing garden wedding. The square scarf is more suitable than the long silk scarf, and the silk scarf of moderate size is easy to tie out a beautiful docile bow.

The company specializes in the production and sales of various kinds of silk scarves and ties. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase. If you have a brand, we can also consult us on behalf of us.