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Silk long scarf of fabric properties
Jul 06, 2015
1, crepe de chine: the heat setting, crease well. The fabric organizational stability, dye saturation high, bright color. The advantage of heavy crepe fabric hangs better wrinkle more. 2, Georgette: thin, Georgette and burnt-out Georgette, also have thick, waxy to Joe. Georgette has the advantage of elegant thin; Joe has the advantage of crisp, strong resilience, vertical well. 3, Zangpo satin: of regular fabrics in silk, satin texture, clarity, antique, very noble. 4, crepe satin; a regular fabric in silk, shiny satin very fine, smooth, organized compact; the fabric shrinkage of relatively large water gloss declined. 5, stretch crepe satin: new fabrics, components for 90%-95% silk, 5%-10% spandex, is a mixed fabric. It features good elasticity, comfort, shrinkage is relatively small, unique style. 6, warp knit: very soft, delicate, soft and comfortable, is a knitted fabric and special, high scientific and technological content, is a high-end boutique.