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Silk scarves care and custody
Dec 28, 2017

Silk scarves do not sprinkle deodorant or perfume, mothballs. Because these are chemical products, easy to damage silk, especially white silk, such as these will make the scarf fabric surface is easy to yellow.

Silk scarves in custody can be used to hang hanger or neatly stacked, it is best not to store the weight of heavy pressure on the next removal can be washed with water when the dry will be flat, leaves do not use mothballs when storing.

Established in 2005,Hangzhoiu Huacuiyuan silk Co,.ltd focuses on fabric printing .

Huacuiyuan's printing factory is located in Xiaoshan district,Hangzhou and occupies than 2000 square meters. The printing factory is equipped with the most advanced facilities to meet the highest standards. At present,we have:2 digital printing machines imported from Italy, 6 high speed and 10 average speed printing machines. We also have a garment factory  with 200 skillful workers in Wenzhou district. The main products there are pajamas.