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Silk square scarf have any effect?
Jul 06, 2015
Hygroscopicity and permeability of 1 silk square scarf: not only has excellent moisture resistance, and also has very good wet gas. 2 silk square scarf skin effects: anti-aging function can prevent hardening of the arteries to help adhere to the appearance of skin lipid-coated innovation, keep skin moist. 3 silk Pocket square to help heal the effects: skin has very good help to heal traumatic effect, silk square scarf fabric dress the wound, trauma insist on clean, accelerate wound healing. 4 silk square scarf UV effects: Silk Pocket square in the sun exposure will turn yellow, is because the silk towel absorbs the Sun's ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin, silk square scarf fashion scarves can play the effectiveness of UV, UV formed human skin damage. 5 silk hood flame retardancy: Silk Pocket square there is flame retardant, fire is not easy to burn the skin, fibers of the grounds it also shields against harmful gases for the invasion of the human body.