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Silk square scarf how to wash?
Jul 06, 2015
1 5-10 minutes immersed in the quiet water, with a special Silk square scarf scourer to rub and rub, then rinse several times, no twisting force after washing to prevent wrinkling. Do not use alkaline cleaning agent SOAP detergent, can't use disinfectant. 2 wet silk Pocket square should be immediately washed or soaked with water, do not use more than 30 degrees hot water wash. 3 silk square scarf in the washes are more or less a little faded, adhere to the silk square scarf gorgeous soft, plus a small amount of white vinegar in the final rinse. 4 exposure when the scarf should be fluffed out quietly, shady and dry. Should not use the dryer heat drying, do not hit the Sun. If ironing is required, can be more than seven and a half dry temperature 150 degrees in the following repeated ironing. 5 the complex white silk square scarf: yellow silk Pocket square in my clean rice water, change the water every day, yellow to return three days later. If the yellow sweat stains, melon juice to wash away.