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Small kerchief and big towel how to choose
Jan 23, 2018

In other words, when I was surrounded by friends Amway scarves, my heart is actually super-exclusive - please have no mistake! I do not have a swan neck as temperament full length of the neck, once the scarf, the neck will not be swallowed half it? ?

But in fact, this point is not how much in the winter things ah. Wrap yourself up and win it! If the neck and neckline are all bare circle, but inappropriate.

Therefore, even if your frost-proof ability is superb, you will not have to rely on the scarf for renewal in the winter. You can also try the scarf. Do not ask for more warmth, just like this embellishment can add the same as the following figure to the trendy.



If you really care about this short neck, simply to narrow the long, narrow scarf good. Do not line around the neck too tight, or neck seems to be reined.

The right way: the scarlet knot is almost located in the collarbone or a little further down. This is considered relaxed, rhythm just right, as shown below:


And the most wonderful place for a long silk scarf is that it can stretch the neck indefinitely visually, so if you want to maximize the effect of this visual stretch, the color contrast between the long scarf and the blouse will be better!


Other kinds of gentle and ambiguous color, but the effect of stretching but to a weaker.


If the long scarf is gentle and delicate, that small kerchief tied to the neck, a lot more cute sense.


Although the small method of kerchief pretty much, the two most common are:

One is around the neck tight, two slightly longer hem;

One is like a red scarf tied loosely in a circle, two hem like a cute little horn.


In fact, the two systems are super nice, how are all right, it is no need to compete better than one. But if you are in the process of dressing up, it is an out-and-out details of paranoia, then pay more attention to the underwear collar well.

Large V collar, big collar such a collar, the neck will not be too cramped, tightly wrapped around the neck scarf will not be too crowded:


But if it is high collar shirt? Since the collar and neck are compact enough, then the scarf can loose a little more loose:


If wrapped too tight, the neckline at the superposition of too much, really is some breathless:


With turtleneck no problem, but the Department of loose necks is a positive solution :


But then again, in my heart, high-necked shirt and long necklace is unshakeable eternal cp:


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