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How Do Foreign Trade Enterprises Get Out Of The Dilemma Of Being Sold In
May 10, 2018

In 2009, the establishment of Changshu's "China foreign trade domestic sales center" signifies that many foreign trade clothing and apparel enterprises are turning their attention to the domestic market.

In recent years, due to the appreciation of the RMB, the downgrade of export tax rebate, the friction of international trade and the impact of the American subprime mortgage crisis, as well as the impact of the rising labor cost and the increase of the price of raw and auxiliary materials, the export situation of the garment industry is severe, and one of the strategies for the survival and development of many foreign trade enterprises, "foreign trade and domestic marketing", is the enterprise self. The development of the body has found a new breakthrough.

The transformation of foreign trade enterprises, the complex domestic market environment, the lack of large purchasers, small list, and the characteristics of the guest source, make the foreign trade enterprises used to be used as large containers are very inappropriate. Similarly, a lot of "foreign trade enterprises" have been produced. These enterprises are still stuck in "clearing up foreign trade stocks".

So far, the vast majority of similar enterprises are "foreign trade orders and domestic market", one of which do not want less, some of them, the proportion of foreign trade processing is far greater than the proportion of domestic brands.

It can be said that "foreign trade to domestic sales" is a gradual process, especially for enterprises which have just built domestic marketing brands, foreign trade processing like the cornerstone and backing, can be enough nutrients for the new brand.

However, for the operators of similar enterprises, it is not wrong to grasp the foreign trade domestic market, but the eyes should be far away. It is not easy to say the proportion of the independent brand in the future, but it is not easy to do it.

As for the independent brand of foreign trade enterprises, the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages is the old topic. The rich capital of the foreign trade is the bottom of the brand growth, and the construction and accumulation of the brand construction talent structure is one of the biggest problems of the same kind of enterprises.

The change in the big environment is one of the most important factors. If the international financial crisis leads to the poor environment of foreign trade is the "fuse" for many foreign trade enterprises to create brand, then, entrepreneurs have a lot of attachment and dependence on the old "honeypot" like processing from the heart, which directly affects them. The enthusiasm and persistence of brand creation.

Many operators say: the difficulties of brand creation in foreign trade enterprises are not only the problem of talent formation and team structure, but the more difficult and more difficult to solve is the market acceptance and the rate of consumers' recognition, especially the current market conditions: the old brands stand up, the international brands grab the soup and the new products. At the same time, the objective factors such as the increase in the cost of clothing, the rapid reaction of the fast - selling trend, and so on, have made the big problem of the "market" unparalleled.

Now, almost all of the entrepreneurs have expressed the firm determination of "to increase the strength of the brand in the future, to create an excellent independent brand". Can it be realized in the process of running in with the market? To put it plainly, it is the competition between endurance, toughness and intelligence.


1, the value of foreign trade processing in the whole industrial chain is not high. It is an indisputable fact that it is imperative to develop its original brand.

2., since the market is fair to everyone, as long as we practice the brand's "internal strength", we are not afraid that the brand will not have a future.

3, long-term experience in foreign trade accumulation provides a good foundation and platform for the original brand.

There is a bright future in the domestic trade of foreign trade.

1, the most important thing for a brand to survive is to have its own design concept.

2., the biggest difficulty now facing is how to get the recognition and support of the Chinese.

3, have a long-term vision of choice, to create national brand.

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