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How To Identify The Real Silk
Nov 20, 2016

1. Doing a touch test.
this is quick spot test ,The idea is to rub the silk with your hands , if  you feel warmth on rubbing , do not hesitate to buy it , with artificial and synthetic  silk ,it is impossible to get that experience , and one more thing is that real silk sound like walkingonthe snow .
silk scarf
2 Considering the cost
Well , the genuine silk  is almost ten times costier than the synthetic  , most lowe price is a good indiction of its poor quality .
silk scarf 
3 Examining the lustre of the material
One of silk feature is known for its lustre , it is because of the combination of the threads that gives a particular sheen to the material .

4  Sing if you can perform a burn test
You can take a few threads from silk fabric and burn it with flame.Genuine silk burns with smell pf burnt hair and the flane is invisible , and the ash is black ,crispy and brittle ,  withthe synthetic ,it is quite theopposite .smell is like plastic , no ash .
 silk scarf  , silk shawl , silk tie

5 Considering a chemical test  
this way for silk identiffication is not practical  so we can pass it .
 silk scarf  , silk shawl , silk tie
6 Remembering old is gold
The older the silk fabric gets , the more texture and beautiful it becomes , bur for the artificial silk ,it is quite opposite . and the artificial silk tends to fade with time .

silk scarf  silk shawl silk tie