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How To Match A Scarf(二)

Selection of scarves do not recommend that you catch the trend for their own color is easy to match is the best.

The most common way we wear scarves:


Travel If you do not want to spend a lot of money to buy the bright clothes on the mirror, then quickly set up a scarf for yourself, really value for money. I often travel with a scarf are 90 * 90cm, instant light up the photo


Today, all the silk scarves are using the same model, so that we can feel the magic of silk scarves.


The simplest way of the scarf is to knot directly on the chest:



How to fight this knot? One way is to play like a red scarf. This tie will appear more formal and quite satisfactory.



If it is a hand residual star, it is recommended to join a scarf buckle, my favorite such three mouths.


The effect of using a scarf buckle is this:


There is also a method particularly suitable for sundresses, I told a blogger:


Is the scarf around the harness, after the chest out from the chest after the knot, in addition to embellishment color, but also can play a very good anti-light effect!


Department of law is very simple, make a knot directly, and then hit a knot it!


In the chest with a scarf can not only modify the front, you can also groom the back, if you are not satisfied with the back of the line or acne, a scarf can solve the drop


In addition to the above several lines of law, this year in the joy song 2 and Liu Tao also learned a trick:



This method is more suitable for long-sleeved solid color clothes, if it is a dress, then it can play a good role in sunscreen:


The last way to wear chest for lazy cancer stars, no matter what, put the scarf into the clothes just fine.


There is a very classic scarf wearing law, retro can playful, we often see in the flight attendants uniform:


This way is to talk about scarves close to the neck:


Close to the neck often need to use a smaller scarf or denim towel:


If there is no trumpet scarf, 90 * 90 scarves can do it - first scarf started from the edge of the roll, and then wrapped in the neck.


Department of the feeling is this:


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