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Scarves Function
Jan 10, 2018

Scarves are around the neck of the long, triangular, square and other fabrics, fabrics generally use wool, cotton, silk, modal, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc., usually in the warm, but also because of beauty, cleanliness and religion Wear。

Scarf function:

In cold climates, people wear warm, woolen scarves. The company is located in:

Where the weather is dry, dusty or air polluted, one can wrap a thin scarf around the head to keep the hair clean. With the development of time, this habit has become the trend of women in many cultures clothing. In some countries, clothing such as scarves is a common commodity for trade.

Scarves of various colors are also some of the football fans in Australia. Scarves printed with the name of the football team supportive, the fans will be displayed in the audience waving, cheering.

Tel: +86-571-28007786

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