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Scarves Washing And Maintenance
Jan 17, 2018

Silk scarf washing and maintenance methods are more particular about the following specific talk about cleaning and storage of silk clothing should pay attention to the problem.

① washing: If it is washed, add a moderate amount of neutral soap or silky net in warm water, until the soap dissolves, the water temperature is cooled, and then the clothes soak, gently rubbing wash. Pay attention to avoid twisting, so as not to damage the clothing and luster. After full washing, then roll in the towel, squeeze out too much moisture. And then tuck the hem of the seams, dry in the absence of direct sunlight and air circulation, which is to maintain the brightness of the color of silk clothing is very necessary. Dry to 80% of the dry, covered with white cloth, the reverse side of the silk clothing, the iron temperature is transferred between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, ironing, avoid spraying, so as to avoid scoring.

② Custody: The main points of silk clothing storage is clean and dry. Because silk belongs to the animal protein fiber, if the washing is not clean or dry is not enough, easy to cause moth-eaten, yellowing or deterioration. If you put a hygroscopic agent in your closet, that's all the better.

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