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Secret Recipe For Silk Scarves
Apr 11, 2018

I believe every girl has several beautiful scarves, and there must be many girls who are upset about not knowing how to maintain them. Indeed, the scarf is very delicate, want to let their scarves always groomed, may wish to listen to the advice of experts.

The handling of labels

Before cutting the label, please note the material, the way of washing and other instructions, then cut the label along the edge of the label with scissors, and then carefully cut the yarn of the label to prevent the scarf from destroying the edge.

Washing method

Silk scarves are recommended for dry cleaning, such as self washing, neutral detergent, hand washing, air drying and low temperature ironing of scarves.

Maintenance and collection

Please do not store scarves in wet, ventilated or sunny places, so as not to cause scarlet stains and stains. When collecting, avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals directly stained on scarves. If it is not careful, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause yellow scarves. When you collect, you can fold the scarves and put them in the drawer, or you can hang them on the smooth clothes hangers.

Women can't have silk scarves

Women can't have expensive diamonds or fashions, but there must be one or two silk scarves that are suitable for their temperament. Especially in this year's spring and summer, a small square collocation decoding has become a trend.

Silk scarves have always been ingrained in China. Even in ancient costume TV dramas, such scenes are often seen: the heroine in the light gauze is passing through, with a fragrant silk scarf that brushes the face of the hero, leaving a faint scent. The heroine's amorous feelings make the hero a crush on her, hidden bitterness lingering love story happened.

In modern times, such a plot may appear to be a bit exaggerated and even a feeling of flesh, but the silk scarf does not reduce the meaning of women. Whatever clothes you wear and a silk scarf can give you a bright feeling in your eyes. Of course, not having a scarf can make you bright and moving immediately. You must learn a variety of scarves to get familiar with different situations. Many of the sales clerk is a silk scarf master, as long as you humbly ask at the time of purchase, will be fruitful.

Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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