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Silk Scarf Style Collocation Technique
Oct 12, 2017

Both warm and add the charm of the temperament of the scarf, ladies in the chest floating up, so that they are flying. Will be different colors, different patterns of scarves knot in different ways, matched with the appropriate hair and clothing, can change the unusual gesture, sometimes seem dignified and beautiful, sometimes appear quiet and Xian Shu, sometimes passionate, sometimes Sweet and charming.

Dignified a white scarf, knotted at one end, the other end repeated twice through the knot, so wearing a scarf will make ladies look dignified and beautiful, if accompanied by hair, light blue or green jacket, more Was pretty and generous.

Tranquil black silk floral long towel, the two ends of the cross, one end of the forward, simple way to wear with fresh short hair and white shirt, look quiet and quiet, pure and beautiful.

Unrestrained lotus leaf color thin scarf, in the chest to play a big bow, knot together a beautiful little ornaments, if accompanied by chic makeup or romantic and elegant shawl long hair, with a red shirt, will let People feel passionate, full of youthful vitality.

Sweet selection of a small color small scarf, folded into a three fold around the neck knot, and then one end of the nest again, coupled with a black braid or long brush, light red shirt, look sweet and sweet, affectionate The pulse.

Western cowboy knot will be small square silk folded into a triangle, surrounded by the neck, both ends of the cross around the neck, into the scarf buckle, the scarf buckle pushed up to the neck, close the buckle, finishing Serve. If accompanied by jacket, sportswear, free and unrestrained.

Clever scarf with really can be described as colorful, colorful. Scarves with its gorgeous appearance and soft and refreshing texture to become one of the most practical and most popular accessories, we can play to their own imagination, learn by analogy, the life will be decorated with colorful, so that they add a charming charm.

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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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