silk scarf

Six Fashion Ways To Wear Silk Scarf—square Silk Scarf

How to make you unique , well one fashion accessories , the A small scarf can do it . Here are six ways to wear silk scarf :

1.Silk Scarf tied around the neck

Scarf around the neck, this is the most common way,  simple look is way too  monotonous. this way   will make you into a trace of active atmosphere.

2.Silk Scarves tied to the head

Scarf in the head, when the band with a scarf, it will make people think you wre more easygoing 

3.Silk Scarves tied to the bag

Fashion Week, many designers Fun Wonderful scarf hot line method. So that fashion icons rush to follow up.

4.Silk Scarf tied in the hand

Silk Scarf on hand  is the most simple, to create a bad girl style. Rebellious but  still a little handsome!

5.Silk Scarves tied to the waist

Silk Scarves tied to the waist, with Silk scarf color  enhances the sense of the whole.Making you like Queen

6.Silk Scarves tied to the feet

 it is  to be so sultry.