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Small Scarf With A Variety Of Methods
Aug 24, 2017

Scarf + shirt

    For white shirt, want to come we are not unfamiliar, but the streets you will find that girls generally like to use white shirt with pants, this dress is simple atmosphere, but it does give people the feeling of more light, easy to stereotyped. And as long as you can add a scarf as a decoration, you can immediately break the monotonous, so that your shape becomes more chic eye.

    And white shirt alone in a clean feeling, you can choose the color style more beautiful scarf to match, active overall atmosphere, play the role of finishing the ball.

    Denim shirt + scarf

    The existence of scarves for the denim shirt is icing on the cake, and the red scarf with a more unparalleled wonderful, to create a very classic fashionable red and blue with. A touch of beautiful red line in the neck, the amount of eye-catching eye is just right.

    Deep V + scarf

    Many sister paper in the choice of deep V when there will always be a kind of hesitation will not be too exposed, but did not dare to try deep V clothes. This time a scarf will be brought a very good role, to release your sexy at the same time did not forget to bring you a sense of security, small scarf tied in the neck, so that the effect of fashion more outstanding.

Professional custom silk scarf, with 12 years of development experience, multi-style style scarf, there is always a scarf belongs to you

Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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