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The Basic Models Can Wear Silk Scarves French Style & Sense Of High-Single Knot
Feb 28, 2018

A single knot is well understood, that is, scarves free to play a knot, a little longer scarf can be around 1-2 knot.


Jiang Shuying this method is a single knot, even if everyone wearing a white shirt + black pants, a blue striped scarf to break the boring, opened the distance with passers-by. Simple fashion sense is not extensive, this dress can commute to leisure ~

silk scarf.jpg

White shirt + blue cowboy is also a lot of people love to wear the basic style, but the fashion blogger Leandra Medine put the foundation into a color with a red scarf, red + white + blue also comes with a sense of vintage ~


Cool leather with a scarf to join, you can achieve Niang man balance.

The company specializes in producing and selling all kinds of silk scarves, welcome to the needs of the Advisory Procurement.