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The Basic Models Can Wear Silk Scarves French Style & Sense Of High-Tied To The Head
Mar 09, 2018


Attaching a scarf to her head, the modern lady who has been transformed into an old movie is full of style.

If you feel that the wrapped haircut is too slippery, fold the scarf into a thin strip and use it as a hairband:


In the movie "I Don't Be Big Brother for Many Years," I turned "hair band control". What color patterns are worn on the head and short hair distribution belts are unexpectedly beautiful.


"The United States cook" Zhao Wei is also in the "Chinese restaurant" with a scarf to do hair band, tied hair and cooking, beautiful and practical.


When the scarf is worn, it also has a holiday style. When traveling, it is accompanied by a scarf. The photo is definitely a large piece of sight.

The company specializes in the production and sales of various kinds of silk scarves and ties. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase. If you have a brand, we can also consult us on behalf of us.