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What Is A Scarf
Jan 11, 2018

Scarves are women around the neck items, used to match clothing, play a role in modification, while women have become the essential clothing accessories, all kinds of old and new scarves Department of law, the scarves into the most changeable accessories.

It is said that about the Middle Ages, scarves began in northern Europe or northern France and other places. The beginning only served to resist the cold until the mid-16th century as the material of the cloth kept changing and evolving into a decorative accessory.

Huacuiyuan is a Professional OEM Supplier For Custom Scarves, Fabrics, Silk Garments and Acessories such as Pocket Squares, Foulards, Ties, Eye Masks, Skinny Scarves and CushionsWe are committed to offering the best quality products to our treasured customers all over the world.

  • Tel: +86-571-28007786

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