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What Is The Material Of The Printed Silk Scarf?
Aug 19, 2017

What is the material of the printed silk scarf?

The main material of the printed silk scarf is silk, but because of the different textile styles, the texture is also very different, and the price gap is also great. You should know something about buying silk products. Silk scarf used in weaving fabric, mainly divided into Georgette, chiffon, Dongfeng yarn, Suzhou satin, twill, Shuangzhou etc.. Also known as Georgette georgette crepe, name from France (Georgette), meaning the thin transparent fabric is a fabric with strong twist crepe crepe weft woven by. Its warp and weft are several threads twisted by monofilament, with wrinkle patterns, surface shrinkage patterns, rough feel, and obvious yarn holes. In weaving, such as weft only with a twist, called CIS fiber Georgette, presented by the bumppleated like irregular crepe.

Joe is woven with plain weave, very small in latitude and longitude. Thin transparent, soft and elastic, give people a sense of light and elegant beautiful, elegant and comfortable making scarves. The most typical is the fabric satin weave silk, take weft twist, twisting, warp fabric is five satin, compact.

Satin surface with soft natural gloss, gloss than the twill brighter. Feel smooth, delicate, elastic, good drape, no rough feeling. Smooth feel, is the most common silk fabric, suitable to wear on formal occasions. Because the fabric has strong twist due to the weft, the shrinkage is relatively large, and the luster decreases after launching.

Twill is a kind of twill weave fabric made of twill weave fabric with obvious oblique lines. It is the most commonly used fabric for silk scarves. The famous Hermes silk scarf is made of this kind of fabric. It feels smooth, bright and firm. It has a moderate tension and is not easily deformed and difficult to hook. Defects are thicker, harder, sag is not good enough, knot can not produce natural sag, in addition, relatively plain fabric shrinkage.

The Satin Jacquard rapier loom woven fabric, fabric scouring, blanket process, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance. Suitable for the production of spring and summer leisure clothing clothing and scarves. Its advantage is Satin texture clear, antique, there are a variety of patterns, very noble; fabric than Joe thick, relatively soft, opaque, low depreciation after washing, not easy to fade, bright colors.

Department of thin crepe de Chine, also known as a double crepe, a plain weave. With no or weak twist monofilament warp twist yarn; twist with strong weft, meticulous crepe fabric surface after refining fine uniform, scaly shape and convex curved wave micro crepe fabric surface, soft luster, bright enough. Crepe texture soft, smoothness and elasticity, toughness, good wrinkle resistance, printing pattern of lines is very soft.

Chiffon is light and thin silk fabric, translucent, difficult to fold, suitable for scarves. Chiffon and Joe its relatively close, the difference is that Chiffon is more smooth, Joe its slightly rough.

Dongfeng yarn is a kind of ultra-thin translucent fabric, which is named as "gentle and elegant" as "Dongfeng". The disadvantage is light and easy to go silk.

Blended woven fabrics blended belongs to by two or more than two kinds of fiber blended fabrics, including cotton, silk and wool, silk and synthetic fibres. Weaving refers to the same fabric, warp direction is a pure spinning material, weft is another kind of raw material. Blended and interwoven fabrics can be chosen according to different texture requirements. They have many choices in crease resistance, elasticity, softness, breathability and warmth retention. The cost is also controllable. It has become a popular trend of international famous scarves.

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