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Business Silk Tie

Business Silk Tie

Business Silk Tie

Business Silk Tie

  • This Business Silk Tie made in luxurious silk with a textured feel brings must-have style to at wedding.

  • Hand stitching is made by skilled workers, each inch have 6-10 stitches. Luxurious and tight.

  • 100% Jacquard Silk Necktie

  • Dry Clean Only

  • 3" wide; offered in Regular length (58") and X-long (62"), can also custom made sizes.

Business Silk Tie 1

Business Silk Tie 2

Business Silk Tie 3

Business Silk Tie 4

Business Silk Tie 5


Generally, one tie in an OPP bag, we can help to custom gift box with you logo.

men 100% polyester tie

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How to wash silk tie?

The tie is easily dirty after a period of time. It must not be washed by hand or put in the washing machine. It should be sent to the dry cleaner and cleaned by a professional laundryman. Otherwise, it will fade and shrink, creating a wrinkle feeling. If it's not very dirty, you can do it yourself.

Method 1

The cotton ball can be dipped in a little alcohol or gasoline, gently wiped to remove stains, and then padded with a wet white cloth, ironed with an electric iron. The ironing temperature is determined by the material used in the tie. When ironing chemical fibre fabrics, the temperature should not be too high (below 70 C); the temperature of wool fabrics can be higher (below 170 C).

Method two

Dip a soft brush in a little petrol and brush the stain along the warp and weft of the tie fabric. After the odor of petrol evaporates, wipe it with a clean wet towel several times.



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