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Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf

High-quality natural scarf with green dye, no harm to skin and body. Lightweight and breathable fabric with exquisite patterns, easy to wear.

Made from 85% modal and 15% cashmere, this scarf has a soft hand feel. Middle heavier and good drape fabric for Spring autumn and winter.

it features artistic patterns, which is elegant and easy to wear.

1. Size:160*90cm.
2. Material: cashmere modal blend

3. Workmanship: digital printed.

4. Hem: eyelash fringe 

5. we also receive the design from customers.

Pictures of Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-1

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-2

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Modal fabric as a new fabric on current is a semi-natural fabric, which is made from the wood pulp of beech trees, but the process of turning wood pulp into yarns is chemical. It is very popular in these years according to it's softer texture and breathable characters. Modal fabric always blends with other material when be made with a scarf, such as silk, cotton and cashmere. It is also Widely used in clothing fabrics.

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-3

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-4

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-5

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-6

Shipping way:

1. If the order is not big, door to door service by courier is okay, such as TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc to all countries.

2. By air or sea through your pointed forwarder is the normal way we do. FOB Port is Shanghai or Ningbo.

3. If you don't have your forwarder, we can find the cheapest forwarder to ship the goods to your pointed port.

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-7

Cashmere Modal Blend Scarf-8

Hot Tags: cashmere modal blend scarf, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory

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