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Long Silk Scarf Shawl

Long Silk Scarf Shawl

Long Silk Scarf Shawl

Long Silk Scarf Shawl

Product Name:

Long Silk Scarf Shawl


14mm silk satin


Digital Printing



Sampling Times:

7-10 days

Terms of Payment:

FOB, PayPal, TT, Alibaba Trade Insurance

Long Silk Scarf Shawl

Long Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf Shawl

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About HCY Silk:

As a professional manufacturer specializing in top quality custom printed scarves, fabrics, apparels and related textile, we offer top quality products and service at competitive prices, 100% quality guarantee and timely delivery.

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Silk Scarves

Silk Scarf

The advantages of silk

Comfortable to wear. The silk is composed of protein fiber, which has good biocompatibility with the human body and has a smooth surface. Its friction coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%.

Good hygroscopicity and moisture release. At normal temperatures, it helps the skin retain a certain amount of moisture without leaving the skin too dry. When you wear it in the summer, you can quickly dissipate the sweat and heat from the body, making you feel cool. silk not only has good heat dissipation performance, but also has good thermal insulation. Actually, more than 38% of the seemingly solid silk is hollow. There is a large amount of air in these gaps, which prevent the heat from being emitted and makes the body warm.


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