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Own Design Silk Eye Night Cover

This luxurious silk eyeshade is made from 22 mm heavier silk satin with a soft and smooth texture, ensured a night of uninterrupted beauty sleep for you. There are three colors for you to choose from.

Custom Own Design Silk Eye Night Cover

>A perfect accessory for light sleepers, shift workers, travelers, afternoon naps.

· High-quality long strand pure mulberry silk

· Decorative Dimond on front side

· 100% pure silk

· 22 momme

Pictures of Silk Eye Night Cover

Silk Eye Night Cover

Silk Eye Night Cover-1

100% silk mulberry sleep mask

Silk Eye Night Cover

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Luxury Eye Mask for Sleeping-7

Luxury Eye Mask for Sleeping-8

Luxury Eye Mask for Sleeping-9

Standard package: one piece in an OPP bag, and we can also custom gift box and silk bag with the same colors of your eye masks.

More and more adults do not get enogh sleep a night due to the work pressure. Sleeping masks are a simple and effective solution.  A high quality silk sleeping mask will block light in night and help your body fall asleep naturally.

All silk sleep mask is made of 100% pure mulberry, custom patterns are also available.

There are three options of eye sleep mask for our customers: 

  1. 100% eye sleep mask with 100% pure silk fillings.

  2. 100% eye sleep mask with 50% pure silk fillings and 50% polyester cotton fillings.

  3. 100% eye sleep mask with 100% polyester cotton fillings.


About HCY Silk:

HUACUIYUAN Silk is a professional manufacturer who specialized in making custom design silk products. Mainly in a silk scarf, cashmere and wool and another material scarf of men & female. we can also custom silk pajamas, silk eye mask eyeshade, cushions and so on. Looking forward to building long term business with you.

100% silk

women eye sleep mask

100% silk eye sleep mask

Luxury Eye Mask for Sleeping-10

Hot Tags: own design silk eye night cover, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory
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