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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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Silk Bag Scarf

Silk Bag Scarf

Colorful Plisse Pleated Scarf, small and easy to carry, can decorate your wardrobe easily. Size:60*60cm Hem:machine hem

Silk Bag Scarf

  • Made of 100% silk twill, Silky and comfortable feel to the skin. 

  • Featured with delicate digital flower patterns. Wear in your hair or tied on your bag.

1: Size53*53cm
2: Fabric /Material 100% silk twill
4: MOQ100pcs 
5: Delivery Time20-25 days
7: Printing WayDigital Print
9: Label Can sewn Custom Logo Label 
10: Logo Can Printing Custom Design Logo 

Product Overview of Silk Bag Scarf:

Silk Bag Scarf

Silk Bag Scarf-1

Silk Bag Scarf-2

Silk Bag Scarf-3

Silk Bag Scarf-4

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Learn more about us:

Huacuiyuan Silk is a professional manufacturer who specialized in making custom design silk products. Our products include silk and polyester scarf, silk eye mask, silk pillowcase, silk fabric, silk pajama, etc. With a professional working team and over 15 years experience. 

Looking forward to co-operating with you in the future.

Our Advantage

Our Advantage
1.We use environmental protection material quality.Eco-friendly, no harm.
2.OEM is welcome. We accept your design. 
3.Logo can be customized.
4.We have strict QC before packing.100% satisfaction guaranteed.
5. Factory price, high quality.

Cooperated Brands:

Plisse Pleated Silk Like Scarf-4

How to take care of your silk scarf?

  • Hand washes it softly with water temperature no higher than 30℃. 

  • Use gentle weak acid detergent, silk is animal protein, do not use soaps

  • Hang it in a shady and well-ventilated place, avoid being exposed to the sun. 

  • The ironing temperature should not be higher than 110℃. 

  • Do not use washing machines or drying machines of any kind. 

  • Hand washes only.


Hot Tags: silk bag scarf, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory

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