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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

Add: G3, Silian166, No.189 South Jinhua Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Zip code: 310015

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Silk Jacquard Neckties

Silk Jacquard Neckties

Silk Jacquard Neckties

Silk Jacquard Neckties

Product NameSilk Jacquard Neckties
Material100% mulberry silk
Place of originZhejiang,China
More detailPlease contact us with email

Silk Jacquard Neckties

Silk Neckties

Digital Printing Silk Tie

Private Label Silk Ties with Animal-4

Factory Profile:

We are a silk scarf manufacturer base on silk city Hangzhou, specialized in silk products for 15 years in the middle and high-end market. such as silk scarves, silk tie, silk sleep mask, silk cushion... Quality first always is our aim and principle. With this aim, we have gained many loyal clients

We can custom brand labels, washing labels and custom packing boxes if need.

Private Label Silk Ties with Animal-6



Choice of Ties

The striped tie is more professional.

(1) Black-and-white contrasting pattern tie, classic fashion color matching in matching shirts have many choices.

(2) Warm tie can increase affinity, and it can also play a role in modifying skin color for men with darker skin color.

(3) Dark tie with the same color is suitable for low-key and introverted men.

Ultra-narrow neckties make you more fashionable, but remember that matching suits and shirts must also be the right type.

The dot tie will bring you good popularity, also suitable for formal occasions, the smaller the dot, the higher the formality.

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