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Neck Decoration Silk Scarf

Neck Decoration Silk Scarf

Neck Decoration Silk Scarf

Neck Decoration Silk Scarf

Over-sized 100% Twill Diamond Style

Silk Twill is a lustrous, durable and lightweight fabric that combines the utilitarian strength of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk. It has a smooth texture, a wonderful drape, excellent durability and weighs as light as 60 GSM (grams per square meter) that makes it suitable for use in all seasons and makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

Classic design with hand roled hem.

Made in China.

Light weight and soft as the baby kitten.

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About US:

Huacuiyuan Silk has specilized in middle and high end silk products over 15 years. Our services include: personalized custom silk scarves,neckties, box bow, silk fabrics, and wholesale stock on hand. We may custom brand labels, washing labels and custom packing boxes if need.

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Custom your scarves:

1. Fabrics for choose:

Our customers choose most is silk twill and silk satin fabric

Popular fabric choice:

>>SILK TWILL: Twill weaving construction, Brand Name Square Scarf use this fabric widely 

>>SILK SATIN: Plain Weaving, Smooth Hand Feeling, Popular with those who like shinny and smooth fabric

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2. Print method:

Digital printing and screen printing are most common printing method we used.

Printing for Silk Scarf

3. Finishing Options:

modal scarf

Shipment & Package:

--Our scarves are shipped ready-to sell or use, hemmed, ironed and folded in indidual polyester bag. In addition, we can provide boxes or envelops for a more sophisticated presentation.

--Generally, we ship the goods Via DHL, FEDEX, UPS ... if you want to ship by air or sea, please advise.


Ways to Match Scarves:

If you want to look natural, gentle and pleasant, you can choose a pink blue scarf and light clothing.

Just as a neck accessory, scarves can be worn in a variety of ways. The tie can be placed sideways or symmetrically in the middle of the neck. There is also a western cowboy style method: fold the scarf into a triangle, tie it diagonally behind the neck, or directly behind it. Of course, it can also be fixed with pins to create an asymmetry. If it is matched with a strong collar such as a shirt, it is best to expose the collar, otherwise it will be too tight. You can also choose a larger square scarf, and make two knots around the neck to let the corners of the towel hang naturally. When knotting, you can make both ends symmetrical, or you can leave the ends one long and one short. Girls with round and square faces can use scarves to create large V-neck effects.

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