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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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Neck Scarves

Neck Scarves

100% natural silk fabric with smooth and soft texture, no harm to your skin. Delicate machine hem. Custom your own scarf.

100% Thin Silk Neck Scarves

> 100% Mulberry Silk; Dry clean or hand wash;

> Style Of Length: Silk Neck Scarves, 53*53cm;

> Product process: digital printing, Straight machine hem;

> Smooth and soft with great silky hand feel; Sensual and free-flowing
> Affordable daily luxury; Good for any season; 
> Product packaging: waterproof bag + air bubble bag  (If necessary,can custom wash label,brand label and gift box)

100% Thin Silk Neck Scarves

Neck tie for summer

Silk Twill Neck Scarves

100% silk twill

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HuaCuiYuan Silk 

Hangzhou HuaCuiYuan Silk CO., Ltd established in 2005. We have 13 years of experience in supplying silk scarves.

Our company is specialized in ODM&OEM high-quality silk scarves and wholesale of popular designs. 

Over the past decade, our hard-working spirit has attracted various kinds of clients from all of the world.

Custom Silk Scarf

Women silk scarf

Our Printing Craft:

We have two different ways to print: digital printing and hand screen printing (same printing way like Hermes). What is the general difference?

Screen printing is a traditional printing method which is also called hand printing. Each color is applied using a different mesh. One-color one ink layer which acquires a high level of vibrancy and double print effect. MOQ of screen print exists because of mould cost and extra labor time.

Digital printing --- a modern printing method operated by computer, can print complicated patterns quickly, which is suitable for both large and small quantities order.

Silk Georgette Long Scarves-3

Hemming and Tassel:

Silk Georgette Long Scarves-5

Silk Georgette Long Scarves-6

Silk Georgette Long Scarves-7


Silk Georgette Long Scarves-8

How to Distinguish the Real Silk?

"Real silk” is different from the artificial silk, its quality is different between true and false silk production, here are some ways make a distinction between them.

Identification: The simplest method is to draw samples from a little silk thread, lit blow out, sniffing about smoke, and hairy is the silk burnt smell, because silk is a protein fiber, it is the same as the smell of burning hair or wool.

100% silk


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