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Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear

Lightweight and breathable pure silk blend fabric finished with exquisite hand rolled hem. The thin and super soft texture makes this scarf a season-less scarf, can be worn all season, even in summer.

Product Type:  100% silk hair scrunchies 

Material:  fabric 100% silk with elastic 

Fabric Type: silk 

Technics: Digital print 

Feature: Eco-Friendly, luxury 

Decoration: solid color 

Color: 25+ colors in stock 

size: 4-6cm diameter 

Silk is a fabric has a very similar structure with the human hair, containing 100% amino acids which this helps reduce hair damage, such as split ends.

How to choose real Silk Scrunchies?

  • 1.Pull out Some Threads and Burn Them, and it Smells Like Burning Hair, Fake Silk Smell Like Burning Plastic.

  • 2.Real Silk Creates Ashes After Burning While Fake Silk Creates Solid.

Pictures of Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-1

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-2

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-3

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Pure Silk Satin Scrunchies-3

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-4

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-5

Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear-6

Silk Fabric knowledge:

Mulberry silk is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and protein, it is a natural fiber, silk weaving is the most important raw material, smooth soft, rich luster, have the feeling of winter warm summer cool.

Pure Silk Satin Scrunchies-4


1) By air or sea or combined transportation.
2) Express: FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL, EMS.
3)Shipping method: EMS for 5 to 7 days, DHL for 3 to 5 days, China Express for 15 to30 days.

Digital Print Modal Silk Scarf-7


Hot Tags: Silk Scrunchies With Bunny Ear, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory
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