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Scarves Accessories Ladies

Scarves Accessories Ladies

Scarves Accessories Ladies

Scarves Accessories Ladies

  • 100% 8mm silk chiffon

  • 175*55cm long size

  • Accurate digital print

  • Exquisite hand rolled hem

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Printing Method:

Compare with traditional printing(screen printing), digital printing is a new method for modern society. Digital printing can print more complicated pattern and is best used for items that require high amounts of detail, and orders of a smaller quantity. quickly and printed with a computer which makes colors more accurate.

Long Chiffon Scarf

The Collocation Skill of Silk Scarf

1. Long purplish red silk scarf with gray clothing can make the collocation sagacious.

2. The coat with rosy collar and pale white flower-shaped square scarf with a red bottom which is knotted in the middle of the neckline or slightly to the side, will make people look noble.

3. Cross a red silk scarf with an orange-red flower pattern around the neck and tie the two ends to make a knot on the back, which makes people looks unique.

4. A quiet, pure, creative girl can choose a delicate white rose with a pure white scarf around her neck.

5. A lively and extroverted girl can buy a few colorful squares, choose a side with a length of 32 to 40 centimeters, and then stack it into a hat. Folk, abstract, and even post-modern spraying techniques will bring unexpected surprise.

Summer Thin Silk Scarf-9

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