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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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Silk Neck Cover

Silk Neck Cover

Silk Neck Cover

Silk Neck Cover

>>Made of silk fabric which is 100% natural, so no chemicals have been used on the fibers and you will get rich intense colors due to our specialist printing method.

>>Exquisite pure hand rolled hem that stitched by skilled workers.

Pictures of Silk Neck Cover

Silk Neck Cover 1

Silk Neck Cover 2

Marbled Silk Scarf 3


> Professional Team: own factory, exclusive shop, website, b2b team, b2c team, QC team, the design team.

> Timely Communication: 7*24 hours at your service, promise to reply in 8 hours.

> Cheap Delivery: 70% Discount with DHL and 65% Discount withEDEX.

> Quality Assurance: 100% Quality Guarantee, Refund and turn policy.

Digital Print Silk Scarf

lady silk scarf

100 silk scarf

Women scarf


One piece in an opp,100 , 200, 400 pcs one carton box

Ctn size: 57*28*31cm, 57*51*34cm, 60*40*30cm C

The size of the carton box can be customed.

Shipping Available for Banadaba as below

By Air
By SeaBy Express
4~10 Days20~45 Days3~8 Days
To your nearest airport(international)To your nearest seaportTo your door


How To Match Silk Scarf


Wrap a silk scarf directly out of the street, you will definitely become the most eye-catching one. As long as there are two big silk scarves, you can play countless new tricks.

Photo Artifact

Compared to clothes, shoes and bags, silk scarves are portable and easy to carry. A silk scarf can make you look great, and bring a few more colors and patterns, which will definitely make you feel fresh every day.

Home Art

In addition to being used as personal accessories, scarves can also be used as artwork to highlight the extraordinary taste of the owner. Here we have to mention Hermès. At the 100th anniversary of Hermès in 1937, this aristocratic luxury brand launched the first silk scarf. Creative Director Pierre (Pierre) said "In 1973, from Hermes Carre, it was not a foil, but was conceived with its own meaning.

Today, we summarized countless scarves from head to toe, from the beach to the interior. Even with a mediocre look, with the embellishment of a small scarf, it can instantly make people look bright. In this beautiful season, let's choose a light and small silk scarf for a different sense of freshness.

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