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Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Scarf Factory

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100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief

100% natural silk fabric with smooth and soft texture, no harm to your skin. Delicate hand rolled hem. Custom your own scarf.

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief

MATERIAL:100% top grade mulberry silk of  close to skin and breathable, soft and smooth as satin, healthy and eco-friendly without pollution.

SIZE: 110*110cm 

FINISHING: Hand rolled hem

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief-1

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief-2

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief-3

100% Silk Scarf Neckerchief-4


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How to take care of your silk scarf?

>>Hand washes it softly with water temperature no higher than 30℃. 

>>Use gentle weak acid detergent, silk is animal protein, do not use soaps

>>Hang it in a shady and well-ventilated place, avoid being exposed to the sun. 

>>The ironing temperature should not be higher than 110℃. 

>>Do not use washing machines or drying machines of any kind. 

>>Hand washes only.


About HCY Silk:

As a well-known scarf printing factory in Hangzhou (A world-famous silk city ), we expanded overseas markets in 2005. In the past 14 years, we have won more than 800 foreign customers, including some long-term cooperation customer below.

Our services include:personalized custom silk scarves,neckties, box bow, silk fabrics, and wholesale stock on hand. We may custom brand labels, washing labels and custom packing boxes if need.


Cooperated Brands:

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100% silk scarf



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