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Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf

Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf

These gorgeous lightweight silk fabrics are 100% natural, so no chemicals have been used on the fibers. Classic silk satin fabric print fashion patterns with delicate hand-rolled hem. Have three colors to choose from.

Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf

Silk satin is one of the most traditional silk fabric, which has a glossy surface and silky texture.

Delicate hand rolled hem, it takes around 40 min to finished, luxurious and classic.

- Printed silk satin fabric width: 35"

- Printing method: Digital print

- Printed silk fabric content: 100% natural silk 

- Quality: "Grade 5A+" Silk satin fabric

- Country of origin: China 

Photos of Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf

Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf

Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf-1

Lightweight Satin Silk Head Scarf-2

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Custom Your scarf:

Artwork: Pls note that we prefer to the files no less than 300DPI in any format like jpg, pdf or tiff. And the artwork size should be the same as the scarf size.

Color: We use Panton colors as color standard for printing and we have a paper proof as a color match print if you care about colors, it would be better to send Pantone according to your designs.

Costing: It depends on your designs, fabric type and thickness. Please contact us for more info.

Minimums: 30 pcs/design

Custom Silk Scarf

silk scarf supplier


Oder Production Process:


Hot Tags: lightweight satin silk head scarf, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory
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