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How To Choose Wool Scarf
Mar 06, 2021

First of all, let's talk about imitation cashmere. Why do we start here? It's because it's easier to distinguish between cashmere and wool.

Cashmere like scarf is a kind of chemical material, which is very close to cashmere scarf after the hand feeling of 00% acrylic fiber is made, and it is more delicate than wool scarf. Sanqimao: 30% wool; 70% acrylic

There are a lot of them in the market, but they can't be changed in any way. This is the essence of chemical fiber. The heat preservation and durability are still different. The tenacity of this kind of material is very good. It's hard to break a cashmere like wool by hand. If you burn it with a lighter, you will have a distinct agglomerating scene. It gives off a scorching smell of chemical raw materials. After burning, it agglomerates. You can't crush it by hand. Next, let's talk about wool scarf and cashmere scarf. The feeling of wool is very easy to understand by hand. It's thick and clumsy. It's itchy on our delicate skin, but cashmere doesn't. Cashmere is delicate and soft in hand, light in hand and beautiful in appearance. With the same hand to pull a wool or cashmere wool, you can quickly identify who is cashmere and who is wool. Wool and cashmere can be torn off, but it takes a little effort for wool. Cashmere can be easily torn off. What's more, cashmere feels good. When they burn with a lighter, they will emit a burning smell of hair (close to the smell of burning hair), which is easily different from that of cashmere like scarves. After burning, they will not agglomerate, and they can twist into ashes with their hands. So how to identify them? I believe my friends still remember the touch I mentioned above. Right is the touch. Our skin can tell us who is cashmere and who is wool.

Cashmere scarf

So how to buy a cashmere scarf with good quality and low price? This requires us to know the price and processing of cashmere raw materials. This year, the price of cashmere in China is 1.5-2.6 yuan per gram, and the weight of an ordinary cashmere scarf is about 110 grams. The price is usually 300 to 400 yuan, except for the effect of famous brands. I'm talking about the value of the scarf itself. Retail below 200 there is no pure cashmere scarf, mostly cashmere scarves and wool scarves blended. Of course, the weight of other accounting.

Purchase cashmere products pay attention to the following points

Here is about the washing and protection of cashmere products

Cashmere fiber is thin, smooth and glutinous, light, soft and flexible, which can effectively resist the invasion of the outside air and keep the body temperature, so it is regarded as fiber diamond and gold in clothing! The relative fineness of the fiber is small, the length is short, and the crimp number is small, so the cohesion of the fiber in the yarn is small, and the exposed hairiness is more. Under the effect of external force, it is easy to slip from the fabric and cause the falling and pilling. Therefore, choosing relatively long cashmere fiber (the price is higher than that of short fiber) can effectively reduce pilling rate. In terms of processing skills, improper processing of raw materials will damage the length of the fiber, and excessive fluffing (pursuit of handle) will directly drop down and pilling.

Washing of cashmere scarves: cashmere scarves can not be washed by washing machine. Washing cashmere products by washing machine will make cashmere products felt. So it's best to do dry cleaning or hand cleaning. The method is as follows:

1 - in 30-35 ℃ warm water, add appropriate neutral detergent, such as shampoo, cashmere special detergent, soak for 10-15 minutes. Then use your hand to squeeze, avoid rubbing. If the dirt is serious, the soaking time can be properly extended or sent to the dry cleaner for cleaning.

2 - after washing, wash several times in warm water at 35-40 ℃. Finally, the finished cashmere product is put into a cloth bag and dehydrated in the washing machine for 2 minutes. Do not wring it out to avoid deformation of cashmere products.

3 - after dehydration, spread the finished cashmere scarf flat, pad the wet towel, and then use a steam iron of 120 ℃ - 140 ℃ to iron it to the original size or size, so that the iron can not directly contact the finished cashmere. The finished cashmere can be laid flat and dried after shaping.

4 - it is recommended to clean the clothes individually to prevent the colors of different clothes from crossing each other. Jacquard or color clothing to shorten the soaking time, to prevent the uniform clothes of different colors cross color.

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