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How To Choose A Silk Scarf How To Buy A Suitable One For You
May 22, 2021

Abstract: silk scarf is a fashion item that can improve a person's temperament, and it is becoming more and more popular in different professions. Whether it is in the service industry, such as banks, airlines or some large enterprises, more and more female friends begin to wear silk scarves, especially in spring. So, how to choose silk scarves? How to buy a suitable silk scarf for you? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

Experts teach you how to choose and buy Scarves, absolute collection

A suitable silk scarf can not only block the cold wind, but also provide the most gentle care to the neck. It can create the beautiful style of the neck and front, making the overall shape more personal. Mastering the matching essentials of silk scarves can not only create a unique personal image, but also save the decoration budget. Turn over the wardrobe, there are a variety of color style shirts, suits, suits of you, how many silk scarves? And how to know if they are suitable for your own silk scarves? Let's make it up to pick with you how to choose and buy.

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1. Distinguish quality from fabric and color

When you like a certain silk scarf, the first thing to do is to put it close to your face and see if it matches your face. If it doesn't match your face, don't hesitate and give up immediately. It should be noted that although the color design of some scarves is impeccable, there are subtle differences between their favorite and suitable colors. In this case, we should make a comparison of various colors, and then look in the mirror from a distance to confirm the coordination with the body shape and the overall atmosphere of the clothing. The back and side effects can't be ignored. After that, the scarves will be put on in the usual shape, so that you can know the style and effect of this pattern. Good fabric is the first element of the quality of silk scarves. In addition to careful selection of fabrics, silk scarf selvedge is sewn by hand. Generally speaking, the color of silk scarves can sometimes be used as a standard to measure the quality. The richer the color, the higher the cost of printing and dyeing, and the better the quality.

2. Choose according to your body characteristics

Silk scarf material, size, play different, play out the length, thickness and position will be different, it is best to match their own body characteristics, try to use silk scarf to show the advantages. For example: people with long necks are very suitable for tying scarves, and any kind of binding looks beautiful; For people with short necks, it is recommended to choose a thinner fabric, and do not tie it in the middle of the neck, and tie it as low as possible. In addition, the effect of the scarf should be proportional to the figure, and the petite and exquisite people should avoid too large, too heavy scarf. I would like to remind you that when choosing a scarf, the visual inspection is usually not very accurate, the size is [a tiny difference, a thousand miles away], the effect of a little bit larger or smaller is not the same, it is best to try to play with your most skilled playing method on the spot, in order to distinguish the mystery.

3. Choose according to the shape of your face

Round face

For people with plump face, if you want to make the facial contour look fresh and thin, the key is to lengthen the drooping part of the silk scarf as far as possible, emphasize the longitudinal sense, and pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the longitudinal line from head to foot, and try not to interrupt it. When tying a knot, choose the knot method suitable for personal dress style, such as diamond knot, diamond flower, rose, heart-shaped knot, cross knot, etc., to avoid overlapping and encircling at the neck, too horizontal and too strong layered knot.

Long face

The left and right horizontal tie method can show the hazy and elegant feeling of the collar and weaken the longer feeling of the face. Such as lily knot, necklace knot, double head knot, etc. in addition, you can twist the silk scarf into a slightly thick rod shape and tie it into a bow shape. Don't over tighten it. Try to let the silk scarf hang down naturally, rendering a hazy feeling.

Inverted triangle face

From the forehead to the mandible, the width of the face gradually narrowed inverted triangle face, give people a severe impression and monotonous feeling of the face. At this time, you can use silk scarves to make your neck full of layers. A luxurious tie style will have a good effect. Such as rose knot with leaves, necklace knot, blue and white knot, etc. Pay attention to reduce the number of times around the silk scarf, the drooping triangle should be expanded as naturally as possible to avoid too tight encirclement, and pay attention to the horizontal layering of the knot.

Square face

People with square face with wide cheeks, the width of forehead and jaw and the length of face are basically the same, which is easy to give people a lack of soft feeling. When tying a silk scarf, try to make it clean around the neck, and make some layered knots in front of the chest, and then match it with a simple line top to deduce a noble temperament. The basic flower, nine character knot and long towel rosette can be selected for the pattern of silk towel

4. Pay attention to the special design

Silk scarves with special design usually need special playing methods to show the designer's ingenuity and creativity. When you buy silk scarves, you must pay attention to the printing and design of silk scarves, and try to tie them yourself. For example, for silk scarves with [symmetrical] pattern design, special playing methods must be used to show symmetrical patterns; Many silk scarves with ingenious [story] composition can be draped on the shoulders, so that you can enjoy the partial or full picture of the story depicted in the scarves.

5. The material of silk scarf should accord with personal style

If your dress shows elegant and noble temperament in conservative, then silk scarves will be your best choice; And transparent gauze scarf is suitable for romantic modeling. When wearing casual wear, choose comfortable light soft cotton, hemp scarf on the right!

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