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What Are The Ways To Tie Silk Scarves?
Feb 23, 2022

In modern society, silk scarves are not exclusive to women, and many men also have a soft spot for fashionable silk scarves. Different colors and styles have different ways of tying men's silk scarves. Introduce the tying method of women's and men's silk scarves:

How to tie women's scarves

1. Mature and elegant strip knot

Fold the long silk scarf in half to an appropriate width, wrap it around the neck one time loose and one tight, and tie the ends crosswise to adjust the tightness to achieve a natural effect. This is the best way to tie without losing beauty.

Applicable occasions: business informal gatherings

2, quiet and beautiful bow

Fold this season's popular square diagonally into a triangle, revealing the two corners of the shoulder, then tie a bow on the chest, unfold the flower shape, and hide the knot slightly. If you want to use a beautiful silk scarf button as an embellishment, you should choose a long silk scarf, which looks like a dancing butterfly from a distance, and plays an ingenious supplementary role in a jacket with a lower collar.

Applicable occasions: Dating and informal parties

3. Passionate Baotou Knot

Fold the silk scarf in half into a large triangle, wrap it around the head and part of the forehead, tie the two corners at the back of the neck, and tie it again after crossing it again.

Applicable occasions: travel vacation and festival Party

4. Charming and sultry chest knot

Fold a gorgeous square towel diagonally, wrap it flat against the chest and wrap it around the back, tie a knot loosely at the tail, and carefully organize the desired shape. It should be noted that the silk scarf that hangs over the chest should be tight and fit so that it can be inserted into one palm as the best state, the color should not be too bright, and the fabric and texture should be soft and fluffy. This style is paired with a solid-colored sweater and slim-fitting trousers, avoiding complicated jewelry, and immediately presents everyone with elegant and charming femininity.

Applicable occasions: formal dinners and large receptions

5. Gently twist it into a beautiful shirt

In addition to the silk scarves that are gently wrapped around to create a very soft halter top, ethnic-style silk scarves are most suitable for DIY over-the-knee dresses. Two silk scarves of the same color are tied around the waist first, left and right. Time, after staggering, it will be dyed to create an effect that is suitable for both movement and stillness.

Applicable occasions: dinner parties and cocktail parties

How to tie a men's scarf

1. How to tie a small square towel

A. Fold the small square towel diagonally and fold it into strips.

B. Hold both ends and twist them in different directions to form a symmetrical spiral stripe, and adjust the thickness at the same time.

C. Use both ends to tie a small knot, and the knot can be placed in the middle or on the side of the neck.

Pay attention to the details of the tying method of men's silk scarves:

Left: The V-shaped neckline itself has the effect of lengthening the neck. To enhance the effect, simply tie a long silk scarf loosely around the chest.

Right: The extremely thin long silk scarf has a gradient effect edge, neatly folded and placed inside the shirt, which is different from the ordinary tying method, capable and neat.

2. Silk scarf tying method suitable for slender neck

Left: A gorgeous silk scarf wrapped around the shoulders showed off the slender neck.

Right: The asymmetrical rosette on the side of the neck is the highlight of the overall clothing shape and is eye-catching.

3. Geometric pattern silk scarf tying method

A. Fold the long towel into strips, knot loosely, and make one end longer.

B. Put the longer end under it, wrap it around to one side, and fold the end.

C. Knot, adjust the size and open state of the knot, as well as the length of the drooping ends of the silk scarf.

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